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​Welcome to the Premier Pregnancy Practice FREE Resource Page!


On this page, you will find links to the "On Demand" webinars containing the latest information on prenatal care and practice management.  Some of these webinars are free and some have a very nominal fee. The information is very valuable and is presented in such a way that it can be put to use immediately to grow and maintain your pregnancy practice. 

In addition to the On Demand webinars there is a multitude of downloadable materials (keep scrolling) that range from research to practice building tools that you are 100% free to download and use to best serve your needs. 

There will be new materials and webinars added on a regular basis so check back often. 

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  • Free Content to download and use immediately.
  • No bait and switch tactics
  • Open communication - have questions, please ask!
  • ​​Attention to detail - turn key materials to save you time.
  • Free Webinars to help you in many facets of running your pregnancy practice with ease.